Wilhelm Bubits - A Short Biography

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    Mr. Bubits began his career as a Customs Investigator in Austria. He also taught Customs Law and Law of Weapon Use as an instructor at the Austrian Federal Customs Academy. Back then, he carried a Walther PPK in .32 ACP as his duty gun (the same pistol that fictional MI-6 agent 007 carried for many of his adventures.) Willi also favored classic revolvers for concealed carry, like the Colt Detective, S&W Model 19, and Ruger SP101. In semi-automatic, he used a Colt Officer's 1911, the larger capacity Para P10, and even the unique Russian PSM in 5.45x18mm - Later, he relied on the Glock 20 (10mm Auto) and this pistol would eventually lead him down the path of pistol designer... (Though his preferred carry pistol today is the Caracal SC QS.)

    In the mid-Eighties, Wilhelm was on the selection committee for a new duty pistol for Austrian Customs. There were two Austrian made pistols up for consideration: the Steyr GB and the Glock 17 -- The rest as they say is history. The Glock 17 was elected for duty for Customs Guard Officers and the 19 for Customs Investigators. Throughout this process Mr. Bubits spent quite a bit of time with the folks over at Glock and was acquainted with Mr. Gaston Glock personally.

    In the early to mid-Nineties Wilhelm worked as a consultant for Glock providing global instructor and armorer training. As a designer, he has been able to put his considerable knowledge as a user into his work.

    The Steyr M pistol series was a brainchild of his in the late Nineties. In 2001, Walther hired him to produce the PPS, and in 2003 he began work on the Caracal series. This was a wonderful and unique experience for him working for a younger and smaller manufacturer like Caracal in the UAE - giving much of the credit to the leadership of the United Arab Emirates for making the project a success.

    Mr. Bubits is not an employee of Caracal, or any other company, but rather works as an independent Small Arms Designer according Austrian Weapon Law with his own Arms Trade Declaratory Decree. (Not unlike JMB did things over 100 years ago.) He owns over 30 patents on pistols and accessories and is working on more for the future.

    Thank you, Willi for your brilliant efforts so far and we look forward to more great things to come!