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    As I mentioned in another post, I had the good fortune of meeting Wilhelm Bubits at the 2012 SHOT and we got on the topic of other pistols that he had designed and with a twinkle in his eye he mentioned the Walther PPS. Of course! It dawns on me - the quality of the design and build, the shape, the feel of the trigger. It all makes sense now!

    I remember when the PPS first came out. I was excited for a new compact Walther offering. Then I picked it up - hmmm...the slim profile felt odd to me and I immediately dismissed it. At the time, with little shooting experience, I was very finicky about the feel of a pistol in my hand. A couple of years later I came back to the newly expanded single stack slim sub-compact buffet table and decided to review and compare. I came away pleasantly surprised by how much I preferred the PPS to other pistols in it's class.

    The Pros
    *The PPS is by far the best built pistol in it's class - this is obvious from the moment you pick it up. While most other sub-compact slims are built primarily for concealed carry and to meet a specific entry level price-point, the PPS is truly built for duty.
    *Advanced trigger performance. I've never been a big fan of traditional striker fired stock triggers (ala Glock, Springfield, Etc) - until I met the Styer M9 and the Caracal :D The trigger on the PPS definitely carries the Bubits birthmark.
    *Felt Recoil is better than other similar pistols and follow-up shots are a breeze as this is definitely the easiest to manage pistol in it's class.

    The Cons
    * The PPS is the largest and heaviest in it's class
    * While the current price is not terrible and is reflective of the build quality, it is one of the more expensive pistols in it's class
    * Backstrap disable feature - While it hasn't happened to me or most users, I have heard of some instances where the backstrap has dis-engaged during use and thus disabled the pistol. Not something you want to happen in the middle of a dicey situation. :shock:

    In general, I have found most owners to be very satisfied with their PPS.

    What say you? Any of you have experiences good or bad?
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    I have never shot the PPS but looked at them alot.Seems to me its a very well built handgun,I have shot alot of different handguns lately ,hopefully I can run across one and be able to shoot it as well.