Viridian Green Laser

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  1. Predecessor

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    KevlarSix, I notice you have a C5L mounted on your Caracal C. You and other forum members: thoughts in general on these lasers and co?

    I personally have not had a positive experience with the company or the products so I am curious to hear from others.
  2. KevlarSix

    KevlarSix New Member

    All my other pistols have Tritium Night sights installed on them and it seems that I can't install a set on my pistol so I decided to get myself a Viridian C5L instead.

    I'm only satisfied with the C5L when I made some modifications on how it installs to my pistol.

    I think it's now perfect.

    I made 2 modifications on how the Viridian C5L would mount to the pistol


    1 - I had the Viridian milled a little so it would go back further and stop at the trigger guard.

    2 - There was an issue with the Viridian moving a bit so I changed the mounting option. Viridian comes with 3 plastic mounting options and I chose the smallest plastic one so the mounting screw is on top of the Viridian and not in front of the rail for a much stronger mounting.

    Since this pistol would be a keeper for me, I had my smith create another channel in my Caracal's frame for the screw to mount.

    Finished product below