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  1. xelaboy

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    I recently purchased a Caracal C 9mm. I've seen lots of pictures of Caracals online and have noticed that there are many different variants. For example the quick sight option.

    My question is, are these different variants interchangeable? Can I go get a quick sight slide and swap it out with mine? I've also noticed further variations even within the QS option.

    I'd like to eventually have one similar to this. Though I'd probably want to replace red with green.
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    I'm not to sure about changing the slides I've never tried, if there tolerances are like Glock you probably can. The problem, at least here in the U.S. is that there were only a little over a hundred total of the quicksight C's and F's that were imported. All of mine have the white dot sight. I've only seen one with the fiber optic sight and it was at Waffen Werks and I think it was a demo.