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    Took my new F QS replacement gun out at first shot great then the trigger started to stick when first pulled.
    Went home cleaned checked lubed no change.
    When the gun is tilted to the left it gets worse the slide starts to move back when the trigger is pulled then it's free and normal.
    Tilt to the right less of a catch it looks like the trigger bar is hanging up on the Firing Pin Safety
    Instead of pushing it the shop i got it from just got it in a new replacement gun from the recall.
    The shop told me if caracal do not make it right they will make it right with a another gun.
    now the waiting starts hope it's not months like the recall.

    07-02-13 UPDATE my lgs who sent the gun in called caracal after Waiting two months The gunsmith is still backed up and they sent out a new replacement pistol that day. Shot 100 rounds great trigger and they also sent the customer appreciation kit sweet pistol.
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    Re: Fifty Rounds now Going Back To Caracal

    I had a very similar problem with my c qs, upon return from the recall they gun was doing the same as your, I am so sick of this crap I sold the gun!