Tanfoglio force 99 compact 9x19

Discussion in 'Modern Handguns' started by livewire, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. okie67

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    Very nice looking Pistols ya got there! Never had a chance to shoot one yet but they do look interesting.

  2. Predecessor

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    Give us a review when you can livewire - these pistols are extremely affordable here in the US right now. Curious to know the pros and cons!
  3. livewire

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    had about 100 rounds with this pistol today for the first time since i got it two days ago. Here are my reviews so far.

    1. So far no ftf or fte using reloads 50 rds.
    2.No ftf or fte 25 jhp
    3. No ftf or fte 25 fmj
    4. Grip is a bit slimmer but longer than my caracal c.not as good as my c but manageable.
    5. Heavier trigger pull about 7lbs compare to 4.5lbs on my caracal.
    6. Trigger slack is manageable and reset once you get a hang on it.
    7. Frame to slide fit is solid,no wobbling.
    8. Barrel finish needs improvement.
    9. Accuracy is very good within 30 yrds hitting alpha.
    10. Fixed front site but adjustable rear sight using 3 dot system.
    11. Low bore axis, very minimal recoil for a compact at par with the caracal c.
    12. Shells eject at 4 o clock, caracal flies at 3 o clock.

    All in all a very vood compact gun for its class and price.you may need a lil smitting with the trigger maybe..
  4. HKmanlp1

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    As with the Caracals I would love to see some forward serrations on this one.