Smith & Wesson 22s

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    These pistols may not be that collectable but are no longer made by Smith&Wesson.The Model 422 was first introduced in 1987 blue finished and came with either walnut or black plastic grips.
    The model 622 was introduced in 1989 it had a light alloy frame to look like stainless and came with a stainless steel slide.It also came with either walnut or black plastic grips.
    Both models came with either fixed or adjustable rear sights,10 and 12 rds magazines as well.
    In 1990 then came the 2206 and were totally stainless, all production stopped in 1996.

    I have owned the Model 622 since 1989 and it has been fantastic with thousands of rounds fired,just within the last few years I have acquired the 2206 stainless and 2206 TGT Target model.Sadly I sold my mint 422 to a friend with the promise to buy it back one day.

    From top to bottom are:
    Model 622 6in.
    Model 2206 TGT Target 6in.
    Model 2206 Stainless 4.5in.


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