Smith and Wesson 431pd

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    My daily concealed carry gun is an S&W 431pd. Just over 13oz and all day comfortable. I have other J frame smiths but like this one best. The skinny 32H&R magnum cartridge means six shots instead of five as in my other J frames and when carried with Buffalo Bore's 100gr +p load, it packs standard pressure 9mm energy and velocity. The reason why it is my favourite j frame is because it is the most fun to shoot. This this little gun eats 98 grain 32 s&w long (or BVAC's excellent magnum JHP's) for range sessions and is unbelievably accurate at any practical range with pussycat recoil... It shoots point of aim and I have zero problem embarrassing shooters using guns with twice the sight radius, it is simply too much fun and too easy to shoot well. I have bigger badder guns but this cartridge and platform fits my needs.There really should be more appreciation for 32 H&r magnum J frame revolvers, sadly Smith & Wesson no longer offers one. I see special purpose cartridges like 327 federal or 32 H&R magnum as being perfectly dovetailed with the snubnose revolver- which is already a special purpose platform. The cost of practice ammo for a defensive gun can't be the sole justification for the lack of success for these cartridges. Sadly only a quarter or less of shooters have ever fired a warm 32 caliber load. Consider the new .327 Federal. As compared to low end .357 loadings and the supremely popular 38 special, it offers more power, more capacity, less recoil, and surprisingly- less sales.... No J frames in .327 federal either. A pity.....