SIG P229R Review

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    The SIG P229 was the first gun to be made exclusively in New Hampshire rather than Germany. US vs German made SIGs are a controversial subject in the SIG community but I don't care where the gun was made as long as it performs as I expect it to; and this gun does.

    I currently have about 600 rounds this gun and below are a few of the pros and cons that I've found.

    -Reliable. This gun has never had a malfunction of any kind with any ammo I've fed it
    -Accurate. The gun is easy to shoot well; especially in SA mode
    -Ergonomic. The gun, with E2 grips, just feels great in the hand
    -The Nitron finish on the slide is holding up well to holster wear
    -Rail for attaching lights/accessories
    -Aftermarket parts/holsters/support are widely available
    -Standard DA trigger is smooth with little to no stacking
    -SA trigger breaks crisply
    -2x 15 round Mec-gar mags came with this gun

    -Cost. SIGs are generally overpriced relative to their competitors in my opinion
    -Finish on the barrel is wearing more than I would expect for a gun of this quality
    -The SA trigger has a good bit of take-up from the reset point (SRT greatly helps this however)

    The video below shows some shooting from the 12m line, rapid fire from the 10m line with a shot timer to demonstrate the controllability of the pistol, a tabletop review and size comparison with the G19, and chronograph testing with Winchester Rangers, Gold Dots, and Federal HSTs:


    Chronograph numbers:
    -Winchester Ranger 115gr JHPs: 1136fps, 329 ft/lbs energy
    -Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHPs: 1189fps; 389 ft/lbs energy
    -Federal HST 124gr +p JHPs: 1170fps; 377 ft/lbs energy

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    Good report and video,Sig makes a great pistol my P220 was flawless.

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    Not trying to be negative, bit sigs QC has taken a total nose dive imho. My best friend bought one of these exact p229 models and you could literally rub the finish off the slide with your fingers. It was real bad. I think its a case of quantity over quality going on with Sig. They are flooding the market with 380's and pocket 9's with decks of cards and diamond plating on em. Instead of paying attention to the pistols.that have gotten this far. Just my opinion. Hope u have better luck. I would fall into the pre 2005 Sig bracket, German made.
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    I have both old and new SIGs. I personally haven't noticed any QC issues, but reports are pretty rampant. I haven't seen any issues either and I see a lot of guns come through the range where I work...