S&W E-Series Railed 1911 Review

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    I've owned this gun for over a year now and I'm slowly inching toward the 1k round mark so I figured it's time to do a review...

    When I got the gun in I was impressed with the over all fit and finish of the gun, especially since it's a production 1911. The trigger was short and crisp as you'd expect with a little overtravel (fixed that), the safety clicked positively on and off, the undercut trigger guard felt good in the hand, and the orignal wood grips were nicer than most facory grips I've handled over the years.

    Here's a quick summary of the pros and cons:

    -Reliable (only 1 malfunction ever which was on the 2nd mag ever through the gun using a Wilson 47D mag FWIW)
    -Fit and finish are nice for the price range of the gun
    -Comes standard with Trijicon night sights
    -Scalloped grip surface on the slide ensure good grip even under adverse conditions
    -Top of the slide is serrated to prevent glare when looking through the sights
    -Good trigger (consistent pull, crisp)
    -Standard 1913 style rail for attaching lights/lasers/ect... (maybe even a bayonet! I kid...)

    -Limited capacity (generally 7-10+1)
    -"safety" warning on the frame
    -Relatively large roll mark
    -Overtravel screw on the trigger (not optimal for defensive guns in my opinion)
    -Ambi-safety (personal preference)

    All in all I really like this gun and it will be a keeper; not selling this one! Here's a review where we do some shooting on the steel plates, a tabletop discussion with disassembly/assembly, and some chrono testing with some duty loads.

    1911 High Definition Video Review Link

    Chrono Data:
    Federal HST 230gr JHPs: 820fps, 343 ft/lbs energy
    Winchester Ranger 230gr JHPs: 872fps, 388 ft/lbs energy
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    Thanks for the review. Traditionally not a personal fan of S&W autos but am glad this is running well for you!

    Standard or Full Length guide rod? (I suppose I could watch your video where you take it down but am too lazy :lol:)

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    Yup, I actually talk about the guide rod in the video ;)

    It's a full length.