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    Red States Unite!

    If this election was only about issues I could forgive them. But it wasn't. It was about hiring a guy who is more capable of running the backend so that ALL Americans could prosper. The Blue states had the evidence in front of them. Their guy didn't know how to run a business effectively, let alone the largest corporation in the US. So it was about selfish folk who thought their misguided personal issues were more important. You have issues? Hire legislatures who actually create the laws that govern your issue. But let the guy who actually knows what he is doing run the executive branch.

    So now I'm supposed to work my tail off so that my taxes can support the wealthy progressive leaders who use my money to satiate and control those who aren't willing to work as hard as I do. Not much I can do about that right now. But that doesn't mean I have to give the Blue states double!

    From here on out, my patronage goes to businesses in RED States. If I can buy a product or service from a business in a Red state, over a business in a Blue state, I will. My charity? Use my tax dollars wisely New York and New Jersey to rebuild your pitiful coasts. Because I'm saving my charity for the next time a Red state has a disaster.
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    You'll be happy to know that Not One County in the State of Oklahoma voted for Obama (this is the second time this has happened)!!

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    Predecessor, add me to your list. Makes good sense. We should support those that did what they could to save this country, failed or not.
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    Sad election night,I never post political stuff but last night was over the top for me.This country is in sad shape and will only get worse.Oklahoma never got much if any earthquake disaster relief money,that's because of the way we voted in the 2008 election.
    But yes my business will go to the reds states as well,hopefully someone will step up in 2016. :cry:
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    not sure if my state finished the recount yet as i type this or not?

    the funny thing is the blue states.....real estate wise they are almost all's only the bigger cities and suburbs...aka the population that turns a mostly red state to blue. i hate to punish those businesses in red counties because the big city in the next county over.....was a blue county with a huge population, that turned the state blue.

    when i look at floridas map on who went blue....dade, broward, monroe and martin or palm beach (miami) down south. then alachua (gainesville u of f), and orange and osceola (orlando), and hillsborough (tampa) and a few counties up around tallahassee(state capital), and the rest were red. so a handful of counties, but with the majority of the states population. so they control the end results. course those counties are filled with mostly non-southern born or raised transplants. not florida folks, rather folks from big cities and suburbs up north like chicago, new york, philadelphia, and such. they come down here bring their ideals from up there down here and infiltrate politics on the bigger cities and we are stuck with it. that said, lots of good folks from those states who respect the local culture and even embrace it....just not enough of them.

    this says it all...dixie county has a population of around 16k folks. dade has a population of 2.5million. seminole county 425k, orange county 1.2 million. takes allot of dixie and seminole (red)counties to override one dade (miami) or orange county (orlando).

    why punish good businesses and people because they are stuck with a big city full of folks who control the state, just sayin. maybe boycott big city businesses. although even that wouldn't be fair. you'd have to boycott those companies owned by fund raisers who like blue. problem is they aren't dumb they fund both sides to get favors repaid regardless of who wins.....

    in the end it's a complicated issue, with no good answers.....i already have a headache just from typing this post. i'm with you though in theory......