Romanian Draco AK SBR Review

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    I'm still not hitting the 16'' minimum but I think this is the right place for this review :mrgreen:


    When I first saw the Draco AK, I (drooled a little) instantly ordered one. At the time, they were selling for under $300 so it seemed like a no-brainer for me. I took it out to the range in pistol configuration, got annoyed trying to use a sling to stabilize the gun, came home and mailed off my Form 1 to the BAFTE. Approximately 6 months later, it came back and I got to work.

    I move a lot for work so the possibility to live in a SBR unfriendly state is real so I didn't want to permanently modify the rifle. That led me to and their Draco stock adaptor. Slapped one on, added the Midwest Industries rail, Burris Fastfire II, then finally a brake and I was in business. I also re-finished the rifle in Brownells Alumahyde II Flat Black which is holding up extremely well and looks much better than the original Romanian finish.

    Here's a quick summary of the pros and cons:

    -Chrome lined barrel
    -Built in a com-bloc factory
    -100% reliable
    -12'' barrel loses very little velocity vs. 16'' barrel (approximately 150-200fps)
    -It's imported as a pistol so it's not subject to 922r
    -Common 14x1 thread pattern means there's a lot of aftermarket brakes/comps availible
    -It handles very well in SBR configuration (balances well)
    -Standard AK handguard size
    -Came covered in cosmoline which protects the rifle
    -I like the cover on the front site post vs the more standard open top style
    -Mag well isn't too loose nor is it too tight
    -Price––Even with the inflated prices of Dracos these days, you can still have a quality SBR for under $1,000

    -Factory finish is garbage
    -The factor wood is rough and unfinished
    -Shooting it in pistol form is fun but follow ups are slowed the lack of a stock
    -US law requires doing the NFA dance to run the rifle in its' optimal form
    -Muzzle nut is welded on (easily ground off, but it's something to point out)

    Here's a video of some shooting from 15m, 40m, and 75m followed by a quick tabletop review of the rifle and accessories, and a chronograph test:

    Draco Review Video Link

    Chrono results:

    Golden Tiger 124gr FMJ: 2261fps, 1407 ft/lbs energy
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    Another great review! Thanks.