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    Hi! Hope you're all fine.

    Just thought I should request the admin here to kindly include a sub-forum/chapter for reviews writing for handguns. This would transfer more knowledge to readers on the potentials/flaws of handguns than the mere pics of them, the sector for which we already do have.

    I am willing to transfer my hand impressions and range report review on the Caracal C-Q.S as soon as such sub-forum is established, or I be given directives as to which sector I should transfer it.

    Moreover, we should also encourage non-Caracal members to come in with their opinions and share their handguns as well. A limited sub-forum "other handguns" would hence be a good idea to have, since I am sure it too would generate some forum activity here and bring over some experts in handguns, who may have some professional experience to share on the Caracal handguns as well, or share their knowledge with us on handguns in general. I am sure it will be productive.

    Even at Steyrclub, which is a Steyr handguns specific forum, we do have sub-forums for other handguns and rifles as well.

    I myself would be willing to transfer a couple of reviews to such a sub-forum on some of my other handguns than the Caracal also.

    Just an idea.

    Regards. :)
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    Thanks for the comments and suggestions AK47 - I haven't been able to spend as much time administering this forum as I would like but hopefully over time we'll get it rolling smoothly :)

    I was just thinking folk would post their reviews, range reports, thoughts and experiences with their Caracal pistols under the Caracal Pistol Section in the General Discussion sub-forum.

    Also, we do have an Other Firearms Section directly underneath the Caracal Pistols Section with a Modern Handguns sub-forum where I am hoping discussion on other pistols will surface - we don't have a single post there yet and I'm wondering if forum members are locked out of there from a permission standpoint? I just started a thread on the Walther PPS. If anyone has problems posting there please pm me or respond to this thread and let me know - thanks!