Reloads w/ Caracal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skins45, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Skins45

    Skins45 New Member

    I'm going to start tinkering with reloading 9mm for the Caracal. Anybody got some good results with handloads? if so, please share.
  2. Metal Bird

    Metal Bird New Member

    I second this. I would like to know more about this as well. Thanks

  3. todd44044

    todd44044 New Member

    I just worked up a few 147 gr. hornady xtp with 4.3 grains of power pistol and winchester primers. Ill let you know how they shoot and cycle
  4. l33t5p34k

    l33t5p34k New Member

    I loaded up a bunch of 115gr fmj to 1.15 and had good results with power pistol accurate #5 was ok with the 115
    I am now loading montana gold 124gr jhp with win231 at right in the middle of the range and col 1.158
    I havn't fired but a few win white box rounds as comparison to my handloads. :mrgreen:
  5. todd44044

    todd44044 New Member

    Hello all. This is a follow-up to my promise to report the rsults of my load testing. I fired from 7 yards freehand. I fired five rounds of each and then disassembled and cleaned the barrel thoroughly before firing the next five using my Caracal Type F with straight eight sights.
    I tested 2 store bought branded loads against mine for comparison sake. Here are the results:

    Brand: PMC 115 grain
    group size (outside to outside): 2.138''
    Performance and cycling: No Issues

    Brand: Sellier & Bellot 115 grain
    group size: 1.410''
    Performance and cycling: No Issues

    Brand: Handload
    Case: Once fired mixed lot
    Bullet: Hornady 147 gr. XTP HPBT
    Powder: Power Pistol @ 4.45 grains
    Primer: Winchester small pistol
    Overall Length: 1.090'' - 1.103''
    Velocity: 890 fps.
    Power Factor: 130,800
    group size: .8270''
    Performance and cycling: No Issues

    I am very pleased with this load and will be using it for IDPA with my Caracal type F. I would also like to mention that for a store bought brand load I am very impressed with the performance of the Sellier and Bellot rounds. Much more so than Winchester white box or Remington UMC. PMC being a close second. Hope this helps! God Bless!
  6. flashmc

    flashmc New Member

    Case: mixed
    Bullet: Xtreme 147 gr.
    Powder: TightGroup @ 3.5 grains
    Primer: Federal small pistol
    Velocity: 900 fps.
    Power Factor: 132,000

    I've used this recipe in my Glock for the last year with great results. First time out with the Caracal F I put over 350 through, performed perfectly. Low recoil, easy to control, good for IDPA.