PPS VS G26 VS Caracal C?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Series80, Oct 30, 2012.

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    I am wondering the C would fare against the PPS (I plan on purchasing one soon) along with the G26 , I dont really like the glocka as much and im phazing my glocks out , preferably in favor of the Caracals ! It would be an interesting comparison if anyone has all three , or if anyone has an xd or kahr to throw in the mix , but if you do please keep the Walther in the mix as thats what im gearing up for!
  2. Predecessor

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    The PPS will remind you a lot of your Caracal - seeing how is it engineered by the same designer!

    However, it is definitely slimmer. It is a single stack sub-compact and is therefore really in a different class than even the G26 (double stack).

    The ergonomics on the PPS disappointed the first time I picked one up years ago. But then, I was comparing the feel to a CZ or BHP - not really fair :lol: But compared to other sub compact pistols (single stack, polymer frame ala: kahr P/CW series, kt PM9, ruger LC9, sa XDS, etc) the Walther feels quite right and is built to a much higher level than it's competitors. It is a DUTY quality pistol, built to be used! Nice trigger and easy to manage vs. other pistols in it's class, it is quite a bit less versatile than the Caracal C so difficult to compare. If and when the Caracal SC comes out, it will be an interesting discussion for sure, as Mr. Bubits indicated that the double stack SC would be the same width as a PPS.