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    Howdy all-

    This is just a brief introduction and a bunch of dumb questions...

    I just received my C-QS and I'll pick up an SC as soon as available, and then maybe an F-QS cuz why not. I had decided to glock up (23 & 27 with 9mm conversion barrels etc) when I found caracal and changed plans. Haven't shot it yet but I have some Hornady Critical Defense FTX rounds loaded up and a Remora IWB holster (pix and brief review to follow).

    - I look at the C-QS and say yes, this is what it should be. Now they got it right.

    - For my non-pro needs I'm delighted with the remora holster.

    - I have what I feel are reasonable and well-founded concerns about the next 6-36 months. It might be nice to have a section of the forum for that if I'm not alone.

    Some questions...

    Any news on the SC, or source of caracal news at all? (Besides this forum which is probably more than enough.)

    I could use an ammo lesson. Defense rds for carry and fmj for range is all (I think) I know. How is caracal with steel and aluminum? Reloads? Russian? 115 or 124 for range? On the range I'm more interested in general familiarization than accuracy on paper. What's the best choice for civilian defense round? +P? +P+? I dunno...

    Are Caracals modular/interchangable like glocks? Will the F barrel and mag work in the C, and the F and C in the SC? I.e., if you're carrying extra mags, they should always be F 18s?

    How far might we be from a Gen 2? And what might that look like?

    Did they grind off the rear sight on my C? And leave some?!? And will it, as is appears, affect my sight picture? I don't care much but I care a little. What could I do about it? And how much should I realistically care about a plastic guide rod? (I'll fire a few hundred rds on the range a year at most, plus any actual-need situation.)

    Sooo glad I found Caracal before embarking on the Glock plan. I don't trust my nearest gunstores (based on experience) so I learn everything online. I'm just a private guy trying to make good decisions for dependable (non-pro, non-hobbyist) point and shoot solutions for self and wife. I've had a lot of guns come and go over the last 40 years (since 10) but never got much learnin'. Swapping out a Browning 380 and a S&W 36 for the caracals which we hope to be our long-term home and personal defense solution.

    Very happy to find this forum. Great folks make a great resource!


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    Welcome Pete!!
    I'll try and help with a few
    The choice of Caracals for defense is a very good choice. The internals should be able to swap around between models with the exception of smaller barrels in larger frame. As far a the extra mags....I would make sure you have several 18rd, because they will fire in the C as well. There is no date on when the 2nd Gen will come out. I believe it is too early to even guess at what's next. As far as the rear sights on your C-QS.....the rear is chopped, but it will not affect your sight picture at all. The rear sight is actually part of the breech, so really only choice was to chop. If you would like more info, you can visit the Steyr Club forum, the Caracal USA website, and watch many good videos on YouTube. This is the best place to get news an info though. Also, you can look at Galloway Precision for some steel guide rods and Grip Inserts. Great company to deal with.
    As far as ammo, I personally shoot anything I can get cheap and keep it loaded for defense with Hornady Critical Defense. Make sure you get some range time in with your defense ammo before trusting with your life.

    Hope this helped a little

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    My understanding is the rear sight on the QS is that way intentionally to allow for one handed slide manipulation on a holster/belt/etc. No it does not affect your sighting. In fact there is still a centered dot on the rear of the gun so if you need to make a slower accurate shot you can still take a full straight 8 sight picture with the QS.
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    Welcome to the forum, and good choice on the C-QS. All of mine have ran fine on everything I've shot thru them so far. As far as carry ammo I've been running standard pressure Federal 124gr HST's for quite awhile.
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    I am also in NC but Eastern. Nice ta' meet you :)
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    Welcome! You came to the right place for questions. The guys around here are tops.
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    Well Pete, Caracal makes a great pistol to the designer's spec. Getting more imported into the States and communicating news ain't their forte though I'm afraid. Whenever I have attempted to communicate with them directly I have either received no response, incorrect information, or news that has already been conveyed or leaked through other media locations :roll:

    Still like their pistols though! :D
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    Thanks to everyone for great feedback. This forum is destined to be Caracal Central and I hope I can make some contribution. -Pete