P01 aka cz75 d compact or P07 duty

Discussion in 'Modern Handguns' started by caracalized, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. caracalized

    caracalized New Member

    Want to increase the collection

    Shortlisted two items, suggest me which one is better and why ?

    Cz P01 or P07 duty

    Already i have an experience of my ex p07 duty, but still confused

    Right now i have 2 cz's in collection shadow and pcr

  2. okie67

    okie67 Member

    I had an early CZ P-07 duty but it also had the frame bulge,It was fine handgun and I ended up selling it to a friend.The CZ75D would be my choice,I also own a CZ 75B Cold war.I guess it depends on which one feels better in your hand and either would make a great carry weapon.
    CZ makes a solid and reliable handgun,I'm on number 3 so far and regret selling my Phantom last year.

  3. jhb

    jhb Member

    i prefer the p01 myself. its a true cz75 family member....proven and reliable, accurate platform...plus the cz75 mags work with it. plus it's a metal frame. very ergonomic.......did i mention reliable and accurate?:) so basically it's the choice for me of your choices, but i am not you. you have to decide. plenty love plastic pistols even i do, but given a choice i'll take metal over plastic every time lastly.....even though looks of a firearm should never matter....the po1 is a nice looking pistol to me, the po7, not so much. so my pick is the po1.
  4. WayneJessie

    WayneJessie New Member

    I have a PO1 as well as the 75C. I do not own a PO7(YET). If you can find a new PO1 for sale my suggestion would be to buy ASAP. They're hard to get but well worth every dime. My compact is the steel framed model and is superbly accurate but a tad heavy for long carry days. Remember that the PO1 was built for military duty and as such the trigger will be heavy and gritty when new. Cajun Gun Works offers the hammer and springs to make it slicker than a greased pig ;) The 75D PCR is basically a PO1 without the accessory rail on the frame. I want a PO7 in OD Green when I can find one. You really cannot go wrong with any CZ though; they are all fine guns with a well-deserved reputation for accuracy.
  5. Gleedaniel13

    Gleedaniel13 New Member

    My friends are selling a PO1 with me but I did not buy it since it was so expensive I think. Are you sure it is rare to have it? I will have decide as soon as possible so that I can get it.