Not only my FIRST gun, but my first Caracal! (questions)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Behike54, Jun 6, 2012.

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    I was discussing it "being time" for my first gun with a friend of mine and was asking him about a "1911" model he could recommend. Being the wise and good friend he is, he asked many questions and reminded me of some things I had not thought of. (costs, ammo, cost of ammo, easy of handling, it being my first gun, etc. He then told me to "hold on" and went to "get something."

    He came back with a Caracal F QS and a 4th Gen Glock 19 (he has quite the collection). The irony is that he bought the "F" with QSs the day BEFORE I visited! As far as feel, comfort, and purchase (for me), there was no question that the Caracal fit my hand perfectly. I was dumbfounded how easy it was to acquire and hold target(s) with QSs!

    So here are my questions.

    Btw, PLEASE keep in mind this will be my first gun and will be for "Home Security" and possibly some IDPA in the future.


    Are QSs the way to go? I have read that accuracy dissipates with distance, but given my primary use, I don't imagine 25+ yards will ever be a high priority, at least for now. Furthermore, most people said that if something were to go bump in the night, it is going to be a point and shoot situation. Something I had NOT considered was going from a QS to another kind of sighting set-up on a gun in the future. Any thoughts?


    I think the "F" is the way to go for me given size of hands, accuracy, and I don't see myself carrying at my level of experience.


    Ok, I am gonna swallow my pride here and plead ignorance. 9mmx19 and 9mmx21. Are these BOTH options or are we relegated to one given the states (midwest here) or is it use? If I have a choice, which is better?

    Finally, any other things/issues I should be mindful of, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Already signed up for classes, so we are good there. If there is a national training certification course people recommend, I would appreciate them sharing it.

    Thanks for your time and attention!
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    the accuracy will not diminish if you use the sight's 3rd component, the dot at the back... it's still there... i have a post on my blog about the QS and longer range... i've fired it at 20 meters and 25 meters and it shot satisfactory groups at 20m just using the posts and 25m using the rear dot...

    can't answer the rest... here in the philippines, we're limited to the 9x19 as the other size is just not available... i've been carrying the F for a week now in sorta-CC (either in a bag or in the amadini civilian holster if i'm wearing a jacket... not ideal but it's what i have... when the SC comes out, i'm likely to get it...

    enjoy your pistol...

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    You're generally only going to find 9x19 here in the US. 9x21 has a cult following here but is really only popular in Europe/parts of Asia.
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    I have decided on the "F" with QSs.

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    The Caracal's core competency is as a duty pistol for close quarter defense and competition. With both of those goals in mind, I believe the Quick Sites excel in this area.

    There are few, if any, defensive situations where I can think of another handgun caliber option that will give you a greater advantage over 18 rounds of 9X19

    Congrats - I think you made the correct choice!
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    Good choice. You will be very happy with the F and the versatility of both sights.
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    The Caracal F QS is a great choice you will not be disappointed.Like all my other Caracals it has been very reliable and eats every kind of ammo I have fed it.

    Get yourself a few extra mags and some good ammo and enjoy it and if you need a good quality holster give one of these guys a call.