NFA Class 3 - Gun Trusts?

Discussion in 'Modern Handguns' started by Firewire, May 31, 2012.

  1. Firewire

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    Has anyone done the NFA Class 3 for an SBR or Suppressor? If so, it looks like going the "Trust" route is the only way in a metro area. Anyone have any experience going through the process?

    Sorta considering the SERBU Super Shorty or a .22LR Suppressor.

    Super Shorty is a 3 round shot gun that is considered an AOW (All Other Weapons) and only requires a $5 tax stamp and the normal wait and a Gun Trust (or Police Chief sig).

    Watching Youtube videos on specifically the Silencerco Sparrow SS is simply amazing at the noise reduction on a .22LR even using normal bulk ammunition (vs. subsonic). Dang suppressor is $200 tax stamp, the process wait, the cost of the $350 suppressor, and the cost of the trust (upwards of $350). Plus the "Host" gun or a threaded barrel made for one already owned. Expensive novelty!
  2. okie67

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    I thought about a Suppressor for my FNP-45 but after the $200.00 tax stamp and $800.00 for Ospreys that ends up over the 1k range.Tough choice to make and this hobby can get expensive quick! :lol:

  3. stmcelroy

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    I did my own Trust and have bought three items so far, a Silencerco Osprey45, SWR Spectre and a Remington 870 Police Magnum 14" AOW.

    Look at the Trust cost as an investment to be amortized over many NFA items.