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    Hello everyone,

    So I first came across Caracal at ShotShow 2012. They had a huge booth and guns galore. Never having heard of Caracal I didn't give them much thought at first. The guy who talked with us at the booth started talking to us about the quick sights. I immediately was not impressed, as the shortened sight radius made me immediately wonder if it could ever be accurate at any distance past 20 feet. He handed me a C with quick sights and I drew it, sights were immediately aligned perfectly. I tried it maybe 20 more times, always aligned. I was sold. It was also a nice gesture when the guy handed us swag bags with all sorts of stuff in them, very nice folks. I'm still not 100% sure on longer shots, but I do believe the time to target acquisition is quick, and for anything closer than 30 feet I think they are definitely going to work well.

    I picked up a Caracal F w/ Quick Sights last Tuesday from, here in Utah. CompactFirearms is small, nice shop and the owner was great to work with. I wanted to shoot it as soon as possible, as I was hoping to shoot it at an IDPA match yesterday. I first needed to find a holster. I ordered a Kydex holster from RKBA Holsters, but that won't be here for a few weeks. I read some posts here about the possibility of using a Glock 21 holster, so I checked holsters out at Sportsman's Warehouse. I did find a Glock 21 holster, but I hated it. The handgun fit, but I did not like the holster at all. I did find an Uncle Mike's Reflex Holster (Size 09), it says it fits an S&W M&P, SD9, SD40. The gun fits perfectly, and is easy to draw.

    I didn't get a chance to shoot it at all this past week, but I shot it at the match anyway. It ran perfectly. Everyone thought I was crazy for shooting a brand new gun on the IDPA classifier considering I didn't even know where the point of aim/point of impact was going to be. It performed very well. The mags drop fast, much faster than my Glock. The pistol has such light recoil. I was shooting my reloads through it, 400 rounds, not a single gun related hiccup. I use 147grain XTreme bullets, 3.5grain of TiteGroup, Federal primers, they are 132 power factor rounds.

    I will be putting in a fiber optic front sight soon, and I've order some of the grip tape from The triggers measured just over 4#, and is super smooth, I wish the reset was shorter, but that will have to wait. If I could get the trigger to be as good as my modified trigger for my Glock 17, that would be optimal; it has a 3.5# pull, with about an 1/8" reset. The Glock is a Glock 17 RTF2, the only Glock I like, at all.

    I am going to start using the Caracal for IDPA and USPSA matches.

    Well, I've said enough, glad to be here.
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    Re: New Utah member - first time shooting my Caracal F - IDP

    Welcome to the forum flashmc. Glad your F performed well for you! Keep up the good shooting and reports from your matches :cool:

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    Re: New Utah member - first time shooting my Caracal F - IDP

    Welcome to the forum! Good choice picking the Caracal,all of mine have been perfect so far.Went to the range today and shot around 300 rounds through my F...
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    Re: New Utah member - first time shooting my Caracal F - IDP

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Re: New Utah member - first time shooting my Caracal F - IDP

    Welcome to the forum. It's good to have another local around. :cool: I too am a fan of Compact Firearms and