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    Avid gun enthusiast and former IDPA and BR shooter. Try to get to the range at least every other weekend. Spend most of my free time watching my two teenagers enjoy their favorite activities. There will be plenty of time to shoot when I encounter the empty nest syndrome.

    Favorite handguns through the years have been the XD, XDM's, FN, CZ, and 1911's. I respect the Glock but have never been a fan because I have never been accurate with one. With that you can imagine my skepticism of another "Glock-like" polymer pistol when I heard about the Caracal. Not sure what happened, but as soon as my LGS got one in I had to have it. It just seemed to be a little different and felt right. Three visits (in three days) later, I was walking out the door with a C-QS.

    Couldn't wait for the weekend. Loaded up my FNX-9, the Caracal, and a lot of ammo and headed to the range on Sunday. I have to say, I am impressed. I put over 300 rounds of seven different types and brands of ammo through the gun. Zero malfunctions. 115gr FMJ and JHP, 124gr FMJ, 147gr JHP, and a few rounds of my 124gr +P Ranger Talon carry ammo. Not one hiccup.

    Overall first impression is very favorable. Very little trigger creep and a decent and predictable reset. Not quite the trigger on my FNX in SA, but may be better than the out of box XDM triggers. The QS system is very fast during combat drills, but will take a little getting used to beyond the 15yrd line if a vital shot larger than the torso is needed. The FNX is my EDC and I shoot it in some IDPA matches just to keep sharp with it. IMO it edges the Caracal in combat drills simply because it sights well at all self defense ranges.
    I will give the Caracal the win at the 3 and 7yrd line for both point shooting and sight aquisition. Given a little range time I believe the C-QS will become as second nature as any of my EDC guns and will be a trusted companion.

    I look forward to more shooting with the Caracal and seeing what everyone else has to say about this great new gun.
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    Great to have you on the forum alanp65!

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum. I'm glad to see a few more East TN members showing up on here. :D
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    Welcome! It's great to have you aboard.
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    Welcome man, nice writeup. All you need now is a Caracal F.
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    Welcome! I enjoyed your intro post and your input in my painted sight thread. Congrats on your Caracal purchase.
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    Glad to hear from you, I'm a bit east of Knoxville. I like my c and the f a bit better.