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    Greetings! I an a 47 yr old retired coal miner from Southwest Virginia. Wise County. I am a gunsmith in my spare time. I shoot daily in my back yard range. 1000 to 2500 rounds a week. I am a avid reloader. I shoot all types of guns but handguns are my favorite. I love my 1911's bit found Glock was a easy reliable weapon. That was untill I discovered Caracal. I own both the F & C models with the F as my daily carry gun. I use a Cleveland Holster and I love it. Best IWB holster I have ever used. I shoot contests at my rod and gun club. Both paper and steel. My Caracal has performed flawlessly against the 5.25 barreled guns. I still use my 1911 Nighthawk in that class. Like many of you I am waiting for the SC model. These Gen 1 Caracals will only get better with time. I look for more rear sight options and 40 and 45acp to come in the future. I have completely disassembled my guns and can offer help on that if asked. I look forward to sharing with my fellow Caracal users. And always looking to learn. I do accept gunsmith work by mail but i have a 4 month back log building AR-15 and AR-10 since the CT shooting. I use a variety of lowers with my favorite being a little company about 50 miles from my home. They are located i n Bristol Va (yes nascar) called Knight Ordinance. They make one heck of a product. If I can be of service feel free to ask. Y'all have a great day.
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    Welcome to the forums. It's great to have you.

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    A hearty welcome from Nevada!