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    Glad to see a forum for this pistol. Purchased my Caracal 1st week of July, it quickly became one of my favorite guns. When the Caracal was first introduced to me last spring at my local gun shop I thought "made in the Midddle East!" and didn't think much more about it. At subsequent visits it kept catching my eye. Then I examined the mechanism and was impressed with its simple design. Then it became a must have pistol. I purchased the model C and use it as a concealed carry weapon. It is nice having a 15+1 in a IWB holster. I love shooting it, easy to aim and felt recoil is less than my Walther P99 AS. Thinking about getting a model F especially if they make the color accents on the grips available in the US.
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    Welcome to the forum tntlehi - good question on the colored inserts. I've been told that only the black grips are available right now but I don't know if that is just for the present or if Caracal has abandoned the color options altogether. It's something I'll try and follow-up on. I'm curious as to whether those inserts can be interchanged or not. I think a cool addition would be rubber inserts - just enough to give you a little extra grip on the pistol.