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    Hello. I am not new to guns, but I am new to Caracal ownership, or actually will be in about three weeks when I plan to purchase a C with 3 dot sights. Until recently, I had read about the Caracal pistols and thought they looked interesting, but had never seen or handled one. That changed when my shooting buddy decided to purchase a Caracal C and invited me to help put lots of bullets through it at the range. All I can say is I was very impressed! What a sweet shooting tack driver! Basically the same size as the Glock 19, but the ergos are in a league above with a more rounded and seemingly thinner grip, a better grip angle, better trigger reach, better trigger and way less felt recoil and muzzle flip. Being a lefty, I like the ambi mag release. As I was riding in my buddy's truck to the range, I examined the unloaded pistol. Field stripping it is quite a revelation. I have never seen a semi-auto pistol that is as smooth and perfectly finished on the inside as it is on the outside! No tool marks, no flash, no rough spots. It looks like it should cost thousands of dollars! But it is less expensive than a Glock! If I wasn't already smitten, the price did me in! :p

    I am looking forward to owning one of these fine pistols and sharing the experience with the members here! :)
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    Welcome to the forum JFootin - yep, Caracals are sweet shootin' pistols indeed!

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    Welcome to the forum! :D
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    Hey, I'm in WNC and have a C-QS with a Crimson Trace Rail Master... I have put 340 rds through without any issue. "Perfection" perfected. Eagerly awaiting the SC. Galloway Precision is in WNC and n82 tactical is in the Piedmont, though the Nates haven't molded polycarb for the cats yet. Try to have a look at quick-sights and straight-8 before deciding on 3-dot. My quick-sites are great for fast, natural acquisition but I do need something brighter on the front. Enjoy!