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  1. mig1nc

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    Hi everybody. Joined up here to get the latest news and information on the Caracal.

    The F and C are both on my shortlist of next weapon purchases.

    Pistols that I currently own & shoot are the Walther P99AS and the M&P40Pro.
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    Welcome to the forums!

  3. Predecessor

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    Welcome mig1nc!

    I'm a fan of the Walther P99 AS as well. Since you own both the P99 and M&P, which do you like best and why?

    I think you will be a fan of the Caracal once you pick one up and fire it at speed. Let us know when you add one to your stable!
  4. mig1nc

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    Both of those are in .40 S&W for me.

    I would say that I carry the P99 most days, I can shoot it more accurately, it conceals more easily, and it feels more natural in my hand than the M&P.

    However, that being said, I feel the M&P is better optimized for the .40 round. Mainly due to its much lower bore axis. So I tend to be able to shoot the M&P faster with reasonable accuracy.

    I also have an Apex FSS that I haven't installed in the M&P yet.

    They each have their own advantages in different ways. Overall, I think I like the P99 better, but that could change once I install the new trigger in the M&P.

    I am thinking about making the switch to 9mm and picking up two walthers (a PPQ and PPS) or two Caracals (either an F or C in QS, and eventually an SC when they become available).