New from the nations most gun friendly state - Oklahoma!

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    Greetings fellow Caracal Owners.
    I just recently purchased a Caracal F model with the QS sights. Other than holding my purchase in the shop that I purchased from, my new aquisition will be sent back to Caracal for the recall. I don't mind because it will come back with a goodie bag that includes an extra magazine. It doesn't sound like the turn-around will be all that long so I won't have to wait too long for range time. I first discovered Caracal while looking for performance parts for my LC9. I was on Galloways website and they had an announcement that they were now stocking Caracal parts. I had never heard of that one before so I clicked on the link and took a look. Hmm I was thinking so I did a google search and after watching about a half dozen videos I knew I had to have one. I purposely sold my Glock 36 to swap into the Caracal. My next search was a dealer who had one. I looked everywhere except the shop that was closest to home. I finally dropped by my neighborhood shop and lo and behold, there was a model F with my name on it. I didn't hesitate and we did the deal right then. I love the look and feel of this gun and I plan on using it for my everyday carry piece.

    Now a little about me, I have been a shooter most of my life, I am active at my local gun club and have served as a director for over 18 years. I'm a lifetime NRA member and NRA certified range safety instructor, I am also a strong supporter for the development of shooting sports for youth organizations such as BSA, FFA, & Dept of Wildlife sponsored High School Skeet programs. The more we mentor, the more likely our future generations will enjoy the hobby we enjoy today.
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    Welcome to the forum! Good to see another from Oklahoma on here,you made a great choice with the Caracal.I own 3 of them and everything has been great so far, except the recall notice.Decided not to send mine in yet,going to see how long it takes for others here to receive their replacements.

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    Welcome to the forum. Look forward to your participation
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    Welcome to the forums.

    I'm glad to hear pf your youth work. I am a BSA scout master and would love to be able to share with my scouts now some of the things that I enjoyed about scouting growing up a little more easily. I understand that safety is first and I'm sure they had their reasons for all of the policy changes, but it makes it hard as a leader to facilitate taking them on any type pf shooting activity.