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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Fargazer, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Greetings all! I've joined this board to find out more information about the Caracal. I took a trip to Sevier Indoor Range a couple months ago to test fire it (Caracal F) as well as the Springfield Arms XDM 5.5. I found it was VERY nice to shoot!

    I'm looking forward to purchasing one, once I find out a bit more about the pistol's USA distributor presence. The Facebook page disappeared, and the CaracalUSA web link goes straight to I love the gun, and want to make sure I'm not purchasing an orphan.
  2. Predecessor

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    Greetings Fargazer, welcome to the forum!

    I used to live on the NW side of Atlanta and took my family to visit Chatanooga quite often :D

    I'm checking with my distributor right now as to why the US web site forwards to .AE extension and what their plan is. I'll update date this thread as soon as I have the scoop!

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    Welcome Fargazer!
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    Welcome to the forum, now come on out to Utah and get a Caracal and get a good CFP. I live near some wet lands with trails. Walking one cloudy night I made a wrong turn and was walking off course for about a half an hour,having 15 rounds in my caracal C put me at ease. It allowed me to enjoy walking among the non-human threats. That is a nice amount of fire power for a compact. Fun to shoot, easy to clean, designed by one of the most revered designers. The unique trigger/action, straight eight sights, nice lines have made Caracal a must have for me. And made in the UAE put my Caracal in my keep forever catagory.