New CC 10 and CX4---Separated at birth?

Discussion in '16+' started by Parameter, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Parameter

    Parameter New Member

    Is it me or is there striking resemblance between the two? Tell me what you think. (Both are pistol caliber carbines)


  2. jhb

    jhb Member

    Some similarities, for sure.....but different enough.

  3. Predecessor

    Predecessor New Member

    As a connoisseur of pistol caliber carbines, they seem far more different to me than they seem similar. Sorry Parameter :p

    The Beretta is really the king of the class right now and I seriously doubt that the Caracal will be on par with the CX4. On paper it is larger and heavier than the PX4 and it definitely lacks the penache.

    Is that a grip safety I see on it? Bleh. I sure hope not.


    No, if anything, it reminds me more of the Taurus carbine in both appearance and construction, along with the fact that neither have been imported into the States as of yet.


    Never-the-less, I would like a Caracal carbine if and when they become a reality.