My NIB Caracal C

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    Picked this up on Wednesday. Also bought 2 extra mags. Got it to an indoor range on Friday morning. Fired 100 rounds Blazer 124gr fmj's. Zero problems. I KNOW, 100 rounds is nothing. But that's all I had time to shoot--I gotta work!! I did a more in-depth review on the Walther forum comparing it to my favorite pistol, the PPQ in 9mm.

    The trigger is nice. But the Walther trigger is a little smoother. That could be because I have 1200 rounds through the PPQ. Reset on the Walther is shorter, but not by much. I don't have a gauge, but I believe that the Caracal trigger is lighter. Both have very good triggers.

    Even though the Caracal doesn't have different backstraps like the PPQ, the Caracal feels a little better in my hand. I can get the web of my hand WAY up on the gun.

    All mags drop free...actually they fly out when released!! Nice!

    Where the Caracal really shined was in the recoil area. The smaller slide and low bore axis really kept the pistol's recoil flat. I shot both back to back within less than a minute between them. And after shooting the Caracal, the muzzle flip on the PPQ surprised me. The Caracal recoil seemed to be more of a push back rather than a flip. I was able to get back on target quicker with the Caracal.

    The sight set-up worried me a little at first. But mine were dead on, and with the softer recoil, I was able to shoot pretty well with the gun.
    I will only buy a handgun if it will fill BOTH of these roles: IDPA gun and carry gun. So, I will be doing some IDPA matches with the Caracal, and will eventually rotate it into a carry gun also.

    This is the last 35 rounds I shot. This was done at 10 yards. It's an IDPA practice target. For reference the center mass circle is 8 inches and the head box is 6x6 inches. These 35 rounds were fired quick, but no true rapid fire (not allowed at the Range I was shooting at).


    I know there are people who can do much better than this. I was pleased that I kept all the shots in the down zero areas, especially given the rate of fire and that this was the first time out with the Caracal.

    I'm thououghly impressed with the new pistol. Fit & Finish are GREAT!! Well made and solid pistol.
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    Thanks for the report!!!

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    Nice gun and great review..
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    Great review, the more you shoot it the more you'll like it. The Caracals are awesome pistols.
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    Congrats on the new beauty and thanks for the excellent feed-back.

    I agree with you on the recoil feeling with the Caracal C, it's excellent, almost non-existing muzzle flip.

    Nice shots there, pretty impressive. Keep updating.

    Regards. :)
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    thanks for the excellent review!
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    Nice report. Keep shooting.