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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tom413, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. tom413

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    Okay so Wednesday I recieved my Caracal F QS. Couldn't be more pleased with it so far. Nice case and upon opening seeing the speed loader included was a pleasant surprise. Then picking it up it just felt so good. My pinky and ring finger are pretty well bent and does not feel good on grips with finger grooves. This felt sweet and then add in the great ergonomics it was like it was custom made for my hand.
    I'm no expert by any means but it does seem to me like it is extremely well built with quality materials.
    At the range my first few shots were low left. Then four center and back to low left. I know that it is my mechanics that are messed up , thats why the low left. (Only been shooting two months now and I know I have a lot to learn. )
    200 rounds and no jams , misfires or stovepipes. Now I did get hit on the head three times and once on the nose. So I starting giving some creedence to the "beware" thread. Until I went out from the shooting area and the range owner who was watching because he was interested in how it shot as he never heard of Caracal, well he told me that it was actually rebounds from the stall wall that were hitting me. He thinks I might have turned my hands somehow as it didnt do it until about 150 shots in and happened within couple shots of each other. And oddly when I got home and emptied my pockets there was 4 spent shells there lol
    Now let me address the Quick Sight.. I seen videos and read articles that it may just be a gimmicky type thing. I have to disagree . I wear my perscription glasses when shooting and it is hard to see target look at front and rear sights try to line up. Hard and time consuming which could get someone killed. I tried the QS at the gun shop and found it was easy to bring up and see. And on the range I practically have it in sight in a very swift motion. Gimmicky? Maybe to some but for me it's the second greatest invention in the world ... sorry but nothing beats the Keurig for greatest invention :D
    So I am 110% satisfied with this pistol. Some more experienced may be able to find flaws not me. 2 trips to the range now and 500 rounds in I couldn't be happier
  2. ddleatherworks

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    I figured you would like the quicksights. For me they are the fastest sight set up I've ever used.

  3. Firewire

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    Excellent news!!!

    Thank you for the info and the ejection pattern. Glad someone was watching and told you that.

    I went today to shoot as well (too long of a wait at the indoor range) and ended up not getting too, but they had 2 PPQ's in the case. While I like the grip of the PPQ, I definitely prefer my Caracal C side by side. I have no regrets now. And the quality of workmanship is just so good to me on the Caracal over many other pistols.
  4. okie67

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    Good right up and yes the Quick Sights are nice.Going to run another 200rds through mine tomorrow,both my Caracals have been 100% reliable. :mrgreen:
  5. victor

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    I fired 150 rounds on my caracal-c today. No misfires or feeding problems so far. Im glad I bought this gun instead of a GLock 19.
  6. 8th ID

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    Great to hear that yours is doing great and that you like it!!

    I hope to get a Caracal F with QS soon (I have a 'C' with standard sights). My C has around 500 rounds through it (Blazer brass/aluminum, Speer GDHP's, WWB, Tula, and Federal fmj's and zero problems). I shot my C in an IDPA match yesterday. It was only my 7th match ever. I'm still unclassified, not having shot a classifier yet. Well, the pistol ran flawlessly, and I feel like I did better on this match than any of the other 6 matches that I've been in. Scores won't be posted until Monday. I had several people ask about the Caracal. Most were genuinely interested and had heard good things about the Caracal. One guy in my squad said, "What is that a Caracal? I thought it looked like a Glock, but not quite, ha ha." I just simply said, "Yeah it's a Caracal." Then at the 6-plate rack, me and my Caracal proceeded to down 6 plates in about 7 seconds, no misses. That's not expert or master level speed/accuracy, but it was fast and straight for me. The Glock guy had a little trouble--one miss with a G17. Don't get me wrong, I own 2 Glocks and love them, but I've noticed that 'out-of-the-box', I have been able to shoot my C much more accurately than I could my Glocks when I first got them.
  7. Gary1911A1

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    Shot my Caracal C Friday at the range for the first time. The only thing I didn't like we're there wasn't much light showing on either side of the front sight when viewing it from the rear. Another poster on here stated the dovetail for the front sight is the same as that of the XD and Sig so if I can find a thiner front sight that is about the same height then it could be as easy fix.
  8. Joh02400

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    I just shot my C for the first time today with a friend. We went through about 400 rounds of reloaded ammo. It was a lot of fun, no problems at all. We shot through that 400 in 30-40 minutes. Great gun!

    The two guys running the range today asked if they could try shooting it, and both ended up loving it.
  9. Mike Riter

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    I was teaching a class on Apr 7, and a buddy of mine just bought a C and F model with the standard sights. He very graciously allowed me to run some rounds through the F (and, I might add, stood very close by to make sure I would not run away with it...). I REALLY like the way this gun feels in my hand, and how it felt when firing. Grip angle, feel, trigger, recoil control....outstanding. I am finding the comments on the quick sights helpful in my decision on what to get, another friend and mentor of mine has a quick sight model and echoed the same sentiment about the sights being easier and quicker to line up. I think I will seriously consider the QS when I get one.

    Nicely done, Caracal, I may very well find two of these in my collection very soon.......

    Cheers, all!!

  10. Joe Lentz

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    I just picked up an F and a C. Really like them so far, going to break them in this weekend. Hopefully I'll get to run them both a bunch over the summer. Mine are the straight eight sights. Mike if you get the QS, Let me know how you like them...