Mossberg 464 SPX 30-30

Discussion in '16+' started by Series80, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Series80

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    Anyone have one? I will be buying this week , I really like the tactical look of it , I love lever action rifles (Marlin .45-70 is a hoot) , but the 30-30 is a great hunters round , the tactical has an advantage with theAR styles rails and udjustable stock , we'll see how it turns out ,hopefully by next week ,I can post a review . If anyone else has one please post!
  2. HKmanlp1

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    Very interested in this as well. Price seems okay on them. I might be picking one up myself. Or I might get a Ruger Gunsite .308. Decisions,Decisions.

  3. pneuby

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    I actually miss the one in Marinecoat that I sold. When I saw one the other day, I had to check it out.

    THe stock is an ATI unit. Adj. cheekpiece, and for fore and aft like on the AR15 unit.There was a slight bit of looseness in that one, but it could be a matter of tightening some screws. There was a rubber pad with a modicum of cushion, also. Should be just right to take any sting out of your warmest loads.

    The finish appeared to be matte blued all around, save for dull gloss on the bolt. The forend was not one-piece as one might guess. The plastic rails are screwed onto a blackened standard forend. Whether it is also plastic, I couldn't say for sure. But, I couldn't see any woodgrain under the light in the shop. They are as obnoxious to one's hand as on the AR/Ak forends. So, the usual rubber caps take care of that. The muzzle break seemed to be standard AR, also. This dealer is also a Class III purveyor, and confirmed that .30 cans screw right on with ease.

    Cycling appeared typical for the 464. Smooth like a Marlin, without the slop of a modern 94. Safety, likewise, hideously tight.. :(

    OH, it did feel fine when shouldered and sighted, despite the odd stock. It's very functional. Other than that, not much more to report.