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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cutter, May 17, 2013.

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    I've been following Caracal's entry into the US market with great interest. The product which is NOT available in the US yet is the subcompact model. However the specs for this SC model are provided on caracal.ae This pistol has a double stack mag with a capacity of 13 + 1. But here is the most interesting part, the SC is only 23.5 mm thick (which is .925") which makes it the thinnest double stack pistol in the World (the Kel Tec P11 is 1" thick). Even more interesting is that this thin double stack SC accepts both Caracal C and Caracal F magazines. The Model C and Model F pistols are also fairly thin, both are 1.1" which is thinner than a Glock. However, the interchangability of the magazines begs the question - Why didn't Caracal make the C and F .925" thick, like the SC? Is this a major missed opportunity? Imagine a 9mm double stack pistol with a capacity of 18 in the clip and one in the chamber that is as thin as a single stack 1911 or a 5 round Springfield XDs (plus one in the chamber)! Everybody knows that the thickness of the weapon is the most important dimension in concealability. Look at the pictures on the UAE website. The pistols seem to have a uniform thickness (slide and grip look to be the same width). I don't own a Caracal - yet. I've never had one in my hands. I've only read the specs and seen the pictures. Opinions?
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    No idea on why caracal didn't go super thin on the two current models? Never paid attention to slide or mag thickness...so I missed that. I don't mind thick, and I cc daily. I also don't mind carrying full size grips over shorter grips. which many think full sized grips makes cc harder, and they may be right for all I know? I don't notice full size grips being hard to conceal. Could be cause I like to carry at 9 o clock (lefty which I am) or 3 o clock (righty) and not further back which in that case I could see a larger grip and/or thicker slide and/or grip sticking out more when bent or sitting. Guess I'm the oddball.

    Now here's where I get even weirder compared to the rest of y'all. If I'm gonna cc a gun in a holster id rather have a full size or compact than a sub compact, unless the sub compact is small enough to carry in a pocket holster in a pocket. So nothing bigger than a sig p938 or colt mustang sizegun for myself. So basically unless the sc is small enough to carry in my pocket, and it doesn't appear to be, I got no use for it. Cool gun and I might own one for fun and range work, but id rather carry a full size or compact. I know I'm strange.

    I reserve the right to change my mind once I see one in the plastic and metal and hold it and shoot it. Sometimes once a gun is in my hand I get it, on paper I don't always.