Magpul SGA 870 Stock Review

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    When I first saw these stocks at SHOT my first thought was––-that thing is ugly. Well, I still think it's ugly but it sure does seem to shoulder well...

    -12.5''-14.5'' adjustable LOP
    -Very easy to install
    -Multiple colors (supposed to be released next month)
    -Heavy for a polymer stock
    -Sling attachment points
    -Accepts standard recoil pads should you want to change it out
    -Adjustable cheek risers are available for use with optics.
    -I find the grip angle very ergonomic
    -Fit is great

    -Cost (anywhere from $85-100)
    -Heavy for a polymer stock (yes, it's a pro as well––-just depends on your planed usage)
    -It's ugly looking
    -Only available for Remington scatter guns at the moment

    Over all, I really like this stock. I like it so much that I have a couple of them now....

    Here's a video review with some shooting and discussion about the stock:
    870 Stock Review Video