Magpul 870 Forend Review

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    When I did the 'how-to' video for installing this forend, I said I do a review of it after testing it in the field (if you will...) and here it is.

    -Cost (I paid $25)
    -Ease of installation (see previous video)
    -Modularity (accepts rails and all the accessories that accompany them)
    -Solid lock up (very little to no play at all)
    -Design allows easy manipulation of the action, more so than the OEM forend
    -Appearance (just plain looks good on the shotgun)

    -Creates wear marks on the barrel/mag tube.

    Here's the review video:

    Forend Review Video

    All in all, I love this forend. It's one of those products that makes you say, "Why didn't anyone make this before?" I just ordered a few more to replace the forend on all of my 870s.