M&P Shield 9mm Video Review

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    Up to now, I have over 700 trouble free rounds through this gun and every time I shoot it the gun grows on me a little more.

    I feel I've had enough experience to do a full write up/video review of it and here it is....

    Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm Review - YouTube

    I do a little shooting, followed by some chronograph numbers, then a tabletop review.

    Chrono Data

    Hornady 147gr TAP: average fps-910. ft/lbs energy-270
    Federal 124gr HST: average fps-1029. ft/lbs energy-291
    Federal 124gr HST+p: average fps-1070. ft/lbs energy-320
    Winchester 115gr Ranger: average fps 1020. ft/lbs energy-266

    Write up here:
    Gunreviewguy: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm Review
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    Excellent video and review! I got to shoot one as well this weekend and came away very impressed.Would like to shoot one in 40 S&W and see how well it performs.