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Discussion in 'Accessories & Gear' started by alanp65, Aug 9, 2012.

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    Two weeks with the new C-QS and I have surpassed the 850 mark on round count. With zero failures I decided to put the gun into my carry rotation. I have been using a backup Tagua IWB while I am waiting on a recently ordered holster from Chad at DDLeatherworks. Besides the dependability, and shooting well, this gun carrys very well also.
    Now for my concern. After work today I decided to try a few low light scenarios with the C-QS. I quickly discovered why I have always used night sights along with other light sources. Utilizing front and rear ambient light sources and then my carry light I was very dissapointed with the ability to aquire the C-QS sights in the dark. Under the same scenarios I can pick up my sights easily on my other carry guns with night sights.
    So, without spending tons of money, and possibly messing up the gun by having a GS drill and install Trij vials, I feel the need to explore laser options for the Caracal. I have seen the reviews on the Viridian and understand that it takes a little modification. Has anyone tried any other laser options with any luck. BTW - I am not interested in mounted lights of any kind. I carry a tactical light intentionally so that I have a second source of defense if needed, and I never have to point a loaded weapon where I only intend to search with my light.
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    Well as far as I am concerned the Viridian c5/c5l was really good for me on the c-qs It does not fit truly tight into the trigger guard but that is so minor that I do not consider it at all. I am sure there are other good lasers out there but,after research, I chose that one.