Lone Wolf G20 10mm 6.6'' Threaded Barrel Review

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    To truly realize the potential of hot 10mm rounds you really need a barrel 5.5'' or longer in my opinion. With that in mind, I picked up the LWD 6.6'' 10mm threaded barrel for my Gen4 G20.

    When the barrel first arrived I threw it in the gun and noticed a problem; it was way too tight round the lugs and hood. The gun wouldn't cycle properly due to the amount of friction from the tight lockup. I called LWD and they told me to send it in with my slide, which I did. Fast forward two weeks and I had it back in my hands and was running rounds through it.

    -100% reliable with all ammo tried thus far
    -Standard 9/16x24 threading allowing for use with most popular suppressors
    -Heat treated 416 stainless steel
    -Theoretically a drop in part (I have several other LWD barrels, they worked out of the box)
    -Standard rifling allows the worry free use of lead reloads (more on this in the video)
    -Lifetime warranty
    -Extra velocity compared to the stock barrel
    -Fully supported chamber (no evidence to any type of deformation/damage to the fired cases)
    -Polished feed ramp

    -Mine didn't fit properly out of the box
    -I'm not a fan of the logo; I'd much prefer something less obvious like KKM and Stormlake do

    Here's a video of some shooting, a demonstration of the chamber support vis-à-vis the Gen4 factory barrel, and a chronograph test using Underwood 165gr Gold Dot rounds:


    Chrono Data:

    Factory barrel:
    Underwood 165gr Gold Dots: 1418fps, 736 ft/lbs energy

    LWD barrel:
    Underwood 165gr Gold Dots: 1559fps, 889 ft/lbs energy