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    A very smart woman who went through a tradegy firsthand and yet gets it. its too bad she's in the minority on using logic and reason.

    Won't matter this time though. The reactions from the entire firearm industry, media, and govt is like nothing I've ever seen. This current tradegy is likely our dunblane. Hope I'm wrong but I think we'll see some kind of magazine and evil black rifle ban.

    That said I am saddened and sick to my stomach about what happened, I'm even sicker that the gun ban crowd went straight to politics.

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    I think you're spot on.

    No one is talking about it, which makes me nervous but severe limitations on the ability to procure ammo is also coming down the pike no doubt.

    We currently have the worse political class this country has ever suffered under. They will not let the propaganda opportunity this tragedy affords go to waste. Planting guns in the hands of the Mexican cartels through Fast and Furious failed to produce outrage, this horrific event was a godsend to them.

    Yes I am that cynical.
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    We need to use this time to educate citizens about the 2nd Amendment! Check out the following recent news interaction: ... n-n1473369

    Amazing reaction from Morgan. I agree, please go back to your own country!

    But once again, I am disappointed from the response from the right on this. The 2nd Amendment was designed to protect the citizenry from threats from without (invading armies) and threats from within (oppressive government). These ideals are paramount! The ability to protect ourselves from bad guys individually is a wonderful bonus, but it not the primary reason for the Amendment.

    Morgan's argument that this is about the safety of individuals is absolutely ludicrous. If he was worried about the "safety" of people he would be crusading against alcohol -- which is responsible for an average of 100,000 American lives each year. More than 6x the amount of lives lost from all firearms in the US each year! Make no mistake, gun control is still very much not about guns, but about control!

    I do not relish the 15,000 lives lost from firearms each year. But it is the price we pay for our Freedom. Thank god the cost is less than what we pay for our Pleasure!