Greetings from Ft. Worth, TX!

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    I'm a Registered Nurse by trade, shot quite a bit when I was a kid with my dad, but haven't owned a gun until recently. I picked up a Springfield XD .40 S&W from a friend a few months ago, and really loved shooting it. Alas, I was bitten by the bug. I wanted to get a 9 mm in order to introduce shooting to my son and my girlfriend, and after reading several reviews, became very interested in finding a Caracal with the quick acquisition sights. No one locally seemed to know a thing about Caracal (or even knew how to spell it ;) ), so I ordered mine online and received it a few weeks ago. I've only had the chance to get 150 rounds through it, but I really like it so far. I'm by no means a marksman, but I was far more accurate with this gun my first time than with my XD. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading/posting and getting to know you folks. Thanks for creating the forum!

    Caracal F QS
    Springfield XD 40
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    Welcome! I'm surprised Cheaper Than Dirt didn't know about them. Aren't they in Ft. Worth?

    At least you have something that is not "run of the mill" now!
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    Welcome to the forums! How is Ft. Worth treating you? I moved from Frisco about 6 months ago, but I spent a lot of time over there for work. Glad to have you on board.
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    Welcome to the forums! Im sure you will enjoy your Caracal as much as we all do here,its a fantastic firearm..