Glock Management in trouble!

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    Jury selection expected in theft case against former attorney at Glock gun manufacturer

    02-21-2012 09:53 AM CST
    MARIETTA, Ga. (Associated Press) --

    Jury selection is expected to start in a Georgia case against a former attorney for gun manufacturer Glock Inc.

    Paul Jannuzzo is set to go on trial Tuesday in Cobb County in suburban Atlanta charges of theft and racketeering.

    Jannuzzo has pleaded not guilty. He worked for the U.S. division of Austria-based Glock.

    Prosecutors charged Jannuzzo with stealing money by fabricating loan documents and pilfering corporate funds.

    A Glock vice president confessed nine years ago to the company's founder that he and another top lieutenant had been stealing millions from the gun maker. The executive, Peter Manown, was sentenced to 10 years probation after pleading guilty to theft and is now set to be the government's star witness against Jannuzzo.
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    Ahhh - Guns and Greed. Not a good combination.

    I had trouble with the link Firewire - I wasn't sure, but it almost sounds like this all took place about 9 years ago and they are just now bringing it to trial?