Glock 21 10mm Conversion: How To & Review

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    It seems like every week there's a question about how to do a 10mm conversion on a G21 or G30 (process is basically the same as below...). So I decided to do a little video explaining how to do it and demonstrate the difference in firepower you'll achieve while doing so.

    Generation 3 Glock 21SF with 1913 rail
    Parts used for the conversion:
    -KKM 6'' 45-10mm conversion barrel
    -LWD 10mm extractor (KKM recomends modifying a stock 45acp extractor however; more on this in the video below)
    -LWD stainless guide rod with 20lb recoil spring (vs 17lb factory set up)

    Here's a video that will show how the gun shoots with the standard set up, 10mm conversion setup (with multiple types of ammo), a demonstration showing how to install the conversion parts, and chronograph tests with both setups of the gun showing the power difference with the 6'' KKM barrel.

    G21 10mm Conversion Reveiw And How To Video Link

    Chrono data for the 45ACP:
    -Federal HST 230gr JHPs: 817fps, 341 ft/lbs
    -Winchester Ranger 230gr JHPs: 896fps, 410 ft/lbs

    Chrono data for the 10mm:?
    -Underwood 155gr Gold Dot JHPs: 1587fps, 866 ft/lbs energy
    -Blazer 200gr TMJ: 1098fps, 535 ft/lbs energy