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    Many of you read my FDE G19 review recently and the G19C is almost the same gun but with a compensated or 'ported' factory barrel. The colored items below are going to be specific to the C model, the rest will apply to both the G19 and G19C.

    -Reliable (I address the recent issues in the video below)
    -Accurate (more accurate than 99% of the shooters that own one)
    -Durable (many reports of these guns going over 100,000 rounds with only a spring change)
    -Easy to maintain
    -TONS of aftermarket support
    -Accepts 15, 17, and 33 round factory magazines
    -Small enough to carry, but with a 15 round magazine
    -Glock's customer service is second to none
    -Durable finish
    -Cheap replacement parts, should you ever need them
    -Low Bore Axis resulting in a relatively soft shooting gun
    -Easily modified to fit the shooters' preferences-Requires very little cleaning/lubrication to run reliably (that said, clean your guns!)
    -Muzzle flip and perceived recoil are minimized allowing for faster follow up shots; although the G19 is a mild recoiling gun as it is

    -Recent erratic ejection issues (I had one of these guns but Glock replaced it free of charge)
    -9mm Glocks are susceptible to 'limp wristing' (most semi-auto 9mm guns are however)-Comes with a serrated trigger (I'm not a fan)
    -The C model is much louder
    -The ported barrel may make your front sight turn black (mine doesn't seem to but I've seen others that do it after 2 or 3 rounds)
    -The ported barrel causes a slight (depending on the round) decrease in muzzle velocity

    Here's a video with some shooting from the 12m line, a shot timer demonstration (of the muzzle flip), a table top review and discussion, a chronograph test with some popular defensive loads, and some shooting from the 30m line:


    Chrono numbers:

    147gr Hornady TAP: 973fps, 309 ft/lbs energy
    115gr Winchester Ranger JHP: 1092 fps, 304 ft/lbs energy
    124gr Federal HST: 1067fps, 313 ft/lbs energy
    124gt Speer Gold Dot: 1102fps, 334 ft/lbs energy