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    Well howdy from Oklahoma USA! Ive shot roughly 700 rounds through my Caracal C unfortunately on my last outing while cleaning her I noticed the tip of the guide rod is broken , now this is really cheap , I love this gun , Im not a 9mm man , but I love this gun , that guide rod is el cheapo ! 700 rounds and its broke?really ? I want to get the steel guiderod , but the company is out until Oct 15 or something and even then I dont know if they have any! I dotn suppose the Steyr will fit or maybe a glock guiderod? The company itself doesnt sell anything other doo dads!
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    Welcome to the forum! I have a stock guide rod you can have btw.
    Call Bill at BT guide rods he will make you a very good stainless one:
    He made one for my Caracal C and F,just send him your old spring.