First Look: Gen4 Glock 20 10mm Review

Discussion in 'Modern Handguns' started by plouffedaddy, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Many devout fans of the 10mm love their Glock 20, myself included. So when I heard the Generation 4 version was released, I jumped at the chance to pick one up. I really like the Gen 4 grip on my other Glocks and I thought it would be especially helpful with the recoil of some hot 10mm rounds. Turns out I was right.

    I ordered the gun the day it came out and had it in my paws the next day. I cleaned it, lubricated it to specs, turned the rear sight around (I don't like the Glock sight picture), and patiently waited for the weekend to put some rounds through the beast.

    -Glock grip angle helps absorb the 10mm recoil (one man's opinion)
    -Cost: many other 10mm pistols sell for double what the G20 sells for
    -Accuracy: the gun is more accurate than I am
    -Positive ejection with both hot and weak loads
    -Easy to maintain
    -Gen 4 grip surface helps keep a firm grip on the gun, even when your hands are sweating
    -Low bore axis helps tame the recoil
    -Lots of aftermarket support (holsters, sights, ect....)
    -100% reliable so far

    -new to the market so heavy recoil springs aren't yet available
    -the finish isn't the old glossy Glock finish of a few years ago so finish durability is unknown

    Heres a video I did to show the firearm in action. I do some shooting, demonstrate the ejection pattern with hot ammo, a 15m group, table top review (with part numbers), and some chronograph testing.

    Gen4 G20 Review Video

    Chronograph data:

    Temp––90 degrees with 80% humidity

    Prvi 180gr JHP: 976fps, 381ft/lbs energy
    Underwood Ammo 165gr Gold Dot JHP: 1372fps, 689ft/lbs energy
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    As always great review and video! I been wanting to get a G20 as well but ended up getting a FDE G19 instead.Maybe later this year I will purchase one who knows.. :roll:

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    Nice. :mrgreen:

    Might have to keep an eye out for a 20Gen4 seeing how much I love my 21SF.
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    Well the FDE 19 is my next video so you can compare side by side! :mrgreen:

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    Another great review. Thanks.