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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HKmanlp1, Feb 13, 2013.

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    So its been 3 months since I sent my F model back for a refund. No sign of it yet. I still have a 2nd F which I planned on keeping. But this company is absolutely ridiculous. I've called 4X about my refund and each time I get some lady giving me different excuses. It's either the accountant has been gone, shot show put us behind, I will check and call ya back 2X (no call back), or some other rambling response. I gave this company a serious shot and I'm officially done!!!! I told them to send my refund or return my gun in the next 48 hrs. I will be selling my other F model with 5 mags as well. I will stick to HK like I should have in the first place. Right now Caracal is about as organized as a bunch of monkeys trying to screw a football. I'M OUT. Thanks for all the great interactions to the fellow members.
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    Ive never sent a gun in to any manufacturer , and never will , just saying , for me I dont trust em , ya gotta figure , it would have been probably a month or so anyway , but with the holidays and then Oblama starting a run ammo and guns , the companies were overwhelmed ,just saying ,dont give up yet, it will slow down ,besides its yours !

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    seriously????? you seriously believe this ignorant statement?
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    Im done too! Everything ive been told over the phone(thats because they dont have the common decency to answer at least one out of 3 emails) has been total B.S. Shouldve bought a Glock to begin with. And then load up and go to a shot show to show products they cant even get and blame that on not getting back to a customer? Did they just shut the doors and everybody go to the shot show? Again total bs. To me thats a clear sign of kind of service we can expect down the road. they had their chance with me and blew it.
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    I think its fair to say the govt as a whole saying we are gonna ban this and that has caused this amo, mag, gun shortage chaos. Blaming one particular oppressor:)...err politician is unfair.......but then again obama has said he wants certain guns and magazines its not to far out there.