CZ 82 Review: Tough To Beat For $220

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    I've had the CZ 82 for a few months now and must say I'm impressed. I've got 3 guns chambered in 9x18 Makarov (CZ 82, Bulgarian Mak, P64) and of the bunch the 82 is my absolute favorite. Quick summary:

    -Cost ($220 is tough to beat)
    -Great single action trigger
    -Usable sights
    -Easy to maintain
    -All steel construction
    -12+1 capacity
    -Ability to carry 'cocked and locked'
    -Chrome bore; polygonal rifling
    -Parts are readily available as the CZ 83 shares most parts and is still in production

    -27oz weight is a little heavy by modern carry gun standards
    -I would like the option of replaceable sights
    -No decocker

    Here's a video of some shooting, a table top review, and some chronograph tests:

    Review Video

    Chronograph results:

    Hornady XTP 95gr JHP: 1045fps, 226ft/lbs of energy
    Silver Bear 94gr HP: 1108fps, 256ft/lbs of energy
    Brown Bear 94gr FMJ: 1119fps, 261ft/lbs of energy

    As to whether or not to use FMJ or JHP rounds for defense––-I'll leave that up to the experts but I'll be carrying hollow points myself.
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    Thanks plouffedaddy,

    Huge fan of the CZ 82/83 as well. Tried the Mak, didn't love it. For me the 82/83 is by far the better firearm.