Custom Holsters For Caracals - RKBA Leather

Discussion in 'Accessories & Gear' started by Predecessor, Jan 9, 2013.

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    This thread is specifically for talk and promotions regarding RKBA Leather.
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    Ill be first to jump in on this one.

    Rkba....this is probably better question for an email, but for future google searches and to move the thread along....I figure it can't hurt to ask here.

    I have one of your iwb holsters for my caracal f. I made the mistake of ordering it with the j clips, which I highly dislike. Can I paypal you for some metal clips....or is there some other easier way? Appreciate it.

    On a side note I got one of your earlier pocket holsters from maybe 2010 for my sig p238 1st gen, before all the changes. That was back when you only made pocket holsters. Still going strong, one of the best bangs for the buck out there...and since I own lots of pistols and hence lots of holster from many different makers and I carry daily....I feel I'm qualified enough to make that statement.:)

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    Just saw this sticky.... I have a bunch of products from RKBA and all have been great. Below is a video review I did of a couple of their holsters..... (AK-74 mag holsters above)
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    Sweet just noticed this thread.

    I'll post some pictures of Caracal and various other holsters in the next few days.