Colt LE6920 With Anodized Receiver Review

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    Wel, the LE6920 Anodized Magpul edition (Model: LE6920MPFDE) lives up to the standards Colt is known for.

    The big question when it comes to Colt ARs in my opinion is––-are they worth the money they charge over lower priced competitors like PSA, Spikes, Windam, ect... Tough to say as it's an individual decision. I generally only recommend Colt ARs to people who don't know anything about ARs and have a ~1k budget because you really can't go wrong with one. But, I'm certainly not a Colt fan-boy as this is the only Colt rifle I personally own and I have nothing but good things to say about my other PSA ARs. I only bought this one because I got a good deal on it and I sold another rifle I bought years ago and made $450 on it to put toward this AR (and because I like shiny FDE products!).

    Pros(and features):
    -1 in 7 chrome lined 16.1'' barrel with A2 style brake
    -5.56 chamber
    -MPI (or MPC as Colt calls it) inspected bolt
    -Anodized upper, lower, and buffer tube
    -Magpul stock, rear sight, pistol grip, mags (2x black PMags), handguard, and VFG included
    -Cleaning kit and sling included
    -Good out of the box mil spec trigger (pulls crisp between 6-7lbs)
    -This model has LE serial number (some people think this is a big deal, not me however)
    -Reliability (0 failures of any kind through 500 rounds, the vast majority Barnaul ammo)

    -Stepped barrel isn't used/needed by the vast majority of shooters
    -The anodization seems to turn color or hold carbon on the inside of the upper even after being cleaned(the video shows it better than I can write it)

    Bottom line: You really can't go wrong with the 6920. If you're looking for a quality, reliable, out of the box AR at around $1k this rifle deserves consideration. You can probably get a similar quality rifle for less, especially if you build it, but you'd probably be increasing your chances of getting a lemon.

    Here's a video with some discussion, shooting from 15m, 40m, and 75m (the farthest line of sight I have on the land). I also do a quick table top discussion and chrono some Hornday TAP 75gr and Silver Bear 62gr HP rounds.

    Colt FDE 6920 Review Video Link

    Chrono Data:
    Hornady 223 75gr TAP: 2437fps, 989ft/lbs energy
    Silver Bear 62gr HP: 2687fps, 994ft/lbs energy

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    As always great review and video! I bought one just like it a few weeks back,just haven't shot it yet.Ordered a Primary Arms scope mount to go with a Nikon P-223 I have.My local Gun shop cant keep Colts in stock,they sell as soon as he gets them in.

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    Primary Arms makes good products at good prices. That setup should work well.