Caracal's Big Game Long Distance Rifle: The CH300

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    Just introduced a few months ago, the CH300 is one of Caracal\'s first offerings aimed directly at hunters. The thing is, with its smallest caliber being in .300 Win Mag and its average weight about 18-pounds, this is no squirrel gun.

    A move to bigger calibers

    In the past several years, there has been a certain fascination with extremely large caliber rifles. In the \'old days\' about as big as it got was a 30.06 Springfield. Sure, you could go for a turn of the century elephant gun caliber like the .458 or .416 Rigby, but they were the quiet and often unheard of exception to the rule. Then in 1960s came the .300 Win Mag followed twenty years later by such long-range sniper food as the .338 Laupa Mag and the .408 Cheyenne Tactical.

    Introduced into combat in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan, where the target could be the next mountainside over, these last two rounds soon became, pardon the pun, a hit, capable of taking and making shots out past 2000 yards. As with anything, within a few years civilian shooters started picking up guns in these calibers. Sure, they were not battling Taliban RPG gunners on the neighboring mountainside, but they were ringing steel gongs set up a kilometer away and taking hard shots on large North American game.

    It\'s this market that Caracal\'s CH300 seems to be aiming for.

    The CH300 overview


    As the UAE\'s only gun manufacturer, their first rifle for hunters seems in an overview a strange gun. It is a single shot, 18-pound, bolt-action rifle with a capability to add a suppressor.


    This long-range precision hunting rifle was announced at the 2013 Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition, shown with the attached suppressor. Now thats one impressive can.

    It has a Euro-pattern bipod attachment and its barrel is threaded for attachment of a suppressor/muzzle brake. The composite carbon fiber stock has both an adjustable cheek piece and butt plate. The stock is \"filled with a special shock absorption foam thereby reducing the recoil force to the shooter\'s shoulder,\" according to the company.


    The focus these days is for modularity in firearms designs. This is seen in the CH300. Caracal advises that the rifle is capable of supporting three calibers all in the same chassis. To do this, one simply swaps out the barrel and bolt to move from .300 Win Mag to .338 Laupa Mag to the huge and foreboding .408 CheyTac.

    It should be noted that all of these are popular not only with extreme long range precision military snipers, but also of gong ringers and large game hunters tracking elk, moose, musk ox, or what have you across open terrain.


    Advertised as having an effective range out to 1500 meters (which is pushing 5,000 feet for us here in the states), these calibers will deliver that as long as the shooter is in touch with the complexities of long range precision marksmanship. This includes meteorological assessments, figuring the dope of the bullet at range and correcting, accounting for the curvature of the earth, oh yeah, and the wind, among other problems.

    The Caracal product brochure for this year lists the CH300 as being \"For the avid hunter.\"

    (The Silencerco Harvester shown above, comes in both .300 and .338LM, and is indicative of the move to produce large caliber \'cans\' for hunters. The Caracal CH300 could be a big part of that trend)

    There is a ring of truth to that as there is a growing market for large game hunting with suppressed high-caliber guns. Suppressor makers such as Silencerco, Surefire and Y/\">ankee Hill are selling their rifle cans increasingly to this segment of the population, as sales of suppressors to the military is drying up.



    • Caliber: .338LM .300WM, .408 CheyTac, interchangeable
    • Barrel Twist Rate (in) 1:12 or 1:11 depending on caliber
    • Length: 54-56-inches overall depending on caliber
    • Weight: 18-pounds
    • Operation: Bolt action
    • Recoil Absorption System: N/A
    • Feed System Single shot
    • Safety Unit: N/A
    • Trigger 2-Stage2-Stage, Fully adjustable hooked shape trigger
    • Stock Composite (CFRP) carbon fiber
    • Receiver Aerospace grade aluminum
    • Bolt Stainless steel
    • Barrel: cold forged chromium molybdenum steel, chrome plated.

    No prices are available yet and they aren\'t in stores so far, but when they do make it here, they could prove very interesting.

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