Caracal pistol tested for 5,000 rounds in 1 hour 32 min

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    Totally awesome i am impress
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    I received my Caracal C Straight 8 sights earlier this week. I cleaned it totally up and let it "season" in Slip2000 EWL for 2 days. The only debris was from what looked like the spring paint or galvanizing that flaked off some. Other than that it was in great shape. I guess the brass or the ejector leave a mark on the ejection port. It was barely there then after my first range trip it was more pronounced.

    I noticed the frame has a date stamp on the inside above the rail. I think mine says April 2011. Is the metal tag on the rail the serial number?

    Like I mentioned, after 2 days of seasoning I took it out for a quick indoor range trip. The distance was 7-10 yards. My son was shooting his AR-15, so we shared a large 8 target target like this one: [​IMG].
    I am an average joe, so I was happy with keeping all within the 8" red ring??? A few in the X & 10 as well. I was only able to shoot 85 rounds, but I found the gun 100% reliable with absolutely zero issues in terms of eating ammo. I used a box of PMC Bronze and Federal white box target. I did however have 2 rounds go over my head. I found that interesting since there was a thread last year about how the Caracal had erradict ejection patterns. Most when right with no issues, but 2 did go up and clear over my head. Still on the right half of my head, but clearly up on over! No impacts to the body though and especially not the face.

    The straight 8's were interesting to use! At my 7-10 yard (range wasn't marked) distance I was always pretty much both accurate and precise. 2-3 round would be precisely next to each other, but all were accurately in the red circle. If you ever need targets this place is the best priced I have ever seen ( Thumbs.htm. I did find that even a slight not so straight 8 made a decent variance. I had a few fliers that surprised me at how little I thought the sight was barely off from being a perfect 8 vs. the POI.

    Overall I am so pleased with the Caracal C. The unknowns of removable backstraps, no front serations, straight 8 sights were all washed away once I held it and fired it. The backstraps aren't even an issue for me. I wouldn't change the grip even if it did have them. Front serations would be nice, but it's no deal breaker for me. The straight 8's warmed up with me after about 40 rounds. I can't wait to get back out and do about 200 rounds in one trip to build my confidence more in handling it. Also, when I got home I had a second surprise! It hardly looked like I had even shot it inside. It stays very clean I found.

    I used Balistol to clean it up and protect it. I alternate between Slip2000 and Balistol.

    The Caracal C is a definite keeper for me! :D
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    Yeah this test was made some month ago by an italian magazine.
    I read the article, but i found it not so great. Ok 5000 rounds in a hours and half, but they dont report if they had any malfunction, jam or so.

    I ll post the pics from the article if i can find it